Changshu BLG Magnetic S&T Co.,Ltd. and Changshu Household Appliance Department Factory, is special factory manufacture magnetic core which band name is BULAGAO.
   We possess of a modern assembly line that produce 600 tones small magnetic core 0.1 billion pieces every year, the assembly line is including 18 automatic pressure machines and rotational pressure machines, one 29m automatic Nitrogen protective kiln, and one automatic cut and grind assembly line that can grind product side to sub-mirror grade. Our equipments are reasonable arranged in our broad and light plant, and our rigorous and scientific manage system, ensure the assembly line efficiently produce and high quality of product. We get the Certificate of ISO9001-2000 in the year-end of 2000. Our efficiently work team consists of 150 employees, including 8 technicians and 2 ferrite engineers.
   Our company mainly product comprise E serial including EE5、EE8、EE10、EE13、EE16、EE19、EE25, EI16、EI22、EI28、EI30、EI33; U serial including UF9.8、UF10.5、UF16、UF19; ET serial including ET20、DT24、ET28、ET35; EP serial including EP7、EP10、EP13、EP20;and magnetic ring etc.
   In 2002, our company sales record is more than RMB 15 million, we try to break through RMB 20 million in 2003. Our product not only supplies with national famous TV set and computer companies ,such as KANKA, TCL,SKYWORTH, ACCER,SHIDA, GUANJIE, also sales to East Alliance and Occident. Our products are widely trusted by our customers.
   Our General Manger, Mr. MA Yuequan sincerely welcomes friends of all over the world come to our beautiful Changshu City.
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